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Dr. Singh has been dabbling with various mediums of art since childhood but has pieces still in the office late 1990’s.  She has never had any professional training; however, she is passionate about the joy and comfort that it brings to everyone who visits the clinic.  Dr. Singh hates to waste anything and believes that just about everything we use in our daily lives can have multiple purposes – from used exam gloves and needleless syringes to soda cans and egg cartons – she has found countless ways to utilize them in artwork. She encourages her own patient’s artistic creativity and to bring the artwork into the office. 


Art is only one example of how humans display their capacity for creativity.  It can be observed in science, engineering, technology, business, education as well as other countless ways.  Although the neural underpinning of creativity remains little understood; there have been important insights and understanding gained from the study of art and creativity in the brain.  Art in and of itself can benefit a wide array of conditions: from anxiety, depression, cancer, immune diseases, blood pressure to surgical recovery time.  Art therapy can improve a person’s ability to express internal conflicts, moods or relieve repressed emotions.  It can reduce stress and elevate mood.  There are also several studies showing that art therapy can benefit individuals with impaired neurological cognition.