Welcome to our Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Center

At Associates in Neuroscience, we understand the “turbo” brain (Attitude Magazine, December/January 2008).  Adults and children with ADHD experience a brain that is always in overdrive.  Their behaviors are unpredictable-sometimes exciting and fun; other times landing them in trouble.  Forgetfulness is common for the ADHD brain.  Individuals many times find themselves in a mess without realizing how they got there.  Conforming can be difficult; however children and adults with ADHD are fun and superstars in their work (if they like it!).

The disorder affects self-regulation and self-control.  Specifically, it is a disorder in which individuals have a difficult time doing what they know; it is not a disorder of what they do not know (Russel Barkley, Ph.D.).  Boredom is a common characteristic of ADHD as well as lack of awareness of their actions and surroundings.

We treat individuals with ADHD with support, guidance and medication when indicated.  Consultation between our neurologist (Dr. Priti Singh) and psychotherapists in the same office results in best care.  Adults with ADHD many times find the professional and life support they need through consultation with certified Professional Life Coach, Vijay Singh.